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The way we create the world around us depends on the way we use the imagination. There is a saying “if you can dream it, you can make it”. Accordingly, the main law of the attraction claims that thoughts become things. Through the whole movie “The Secret”, the author supports the idea that the positive thinking and the visualization help to achieve desirable things. As a result, everything that emerges in our life is our own wish and desire. From my own experience of a dreamer and writer at https://exclusive-paper.net/, I know that the law of attraction exists. The hardest thing is to learn how to use it right.

Everyone knows about the natural laws and tries to apply them everywhere. The circle of human life starts from birth and finishes with the funeral, cemetery and morning of the relatives. Is this really the way that everything is going on? Can we influence the way our life is developing? Reality is the notion, which is heard from everywhere. However, the reality is one’s perception of the world. If this is truly implemented fact, then we are the one who create the world around us: from the beginning until the end, to the last leave on the tree. John Assaraf mentioned in the movie “You become what you think about most... But also you attract what you think about most”. If you think about the worst, the worst will happen to you. It is better to think about what kind of person you want to be.

Ehrenreich criticized the idea because the first two paragraphs in the book were about the healthy way of life. There was no hint of being sick. On the one hand, everything what happens is the result of the decision making. On the other hand, maybe there is something that really rules our life. Some people call it destiny; the others, though, claim that it is the higher power. If so, where the connection and where the truth is? Barbara Ehrenreich believes that thoughts indeed generate a magnetic field, but it is a pathetically weak one. According to her, the connection between thoughts and reality is not strong enough to have immediate effect. An opinion that the tremendous change will happen right after a person starts to think positively is probably the first mistake one can make because you cannot reject every negative person in your life (kids, spouse, and important co-workers).

Everyone knows about the deja-vu effect. Very often one can hear the phrase “I have been here before”. The scientists believe that this is the ability of mind to reproduce the inner desires and wills. Therefore, the feelings during the experiencing of the deja-vu are often contradicting. Often the person says that it was actually the same as s/he has imagined the environment, people, things, even smells and colors. If so, Freud was right, when he said that we meet only those who were created in our mind.

In the process of positive thinking, the main thing is to concentrate on the final result. Some people use just visualization. The others prefer to create mind maps or collages. The approach is absolutely personalized. In the movie, The Secret, people used approaches that seemed the most suitable for them. Nothing will appear just from nowhere. The authors of The Secret advise making small steps: things happen because of some effort you put in, not just thinking about it. The most important thing in positive thinking is doing: start with small steps and in this way to develop.

It is important to mention that positive thinking is rather a choice, then an option. We can find the evidence to support the statement about the choice in the movie The Secret, when we start being grateful for everything; appreciation attracts support. During the life, there will be ups and downs. In between, it is important to keep the main mood and live the present moment fully: from A to B. Buddha ones mentioned that the present is called so, because this is the gift. Once everyone realizes how important this gift is, the future will become a secret, which everyone will want to uncover. It will not be an unknown burden any more. Thoughts, like magnets, attract to us the forces, the people, and the circumstances of life which harmonize with them and desires, which appear randomly, are the results of images created in the past. One, for example, would like to meet a friend whom s/he has not seen for ages. Within few days, the circumstances will be managed so that this desire will come true. To say that this is just a coincidence is not an option, because there was a thought and desire first.

Barbara Ehrenreich’s title of the book “Years of Positive Thinking” has one corner stone that makes the claim about positive thinking, not so reliable: the notion “years”. This is one of the reasons, why Ehrenreich concludes that, positive thinkers create a lonely world for themselves because they are deluded in thinking any desires can become reality. It is known that a person cannot keep attention all the time on the same level. There appear moments when one thinks about giving up on everything. One can think about leaving the job he hates, the other will try to understand whether s/he is able to organize his/her own business: all have doubts. Here comes the decision, which was made at the beginning: to remain in positive thinking mood, despite everything.

To conclude, if the person is ready to accept a new way of thinking, it is his/her decision. We should not reject the idea of positive thinking just because some people will say that we are crazy or lunatic. This is our own perception of the world. There always will be people who are willing to talk about negative instead of creating the positive attitude and develop personally. We are the one who should take responsibility for our deeds. As soon as we understand how important the feeling of presence and gratitude is, the idea that we are stuck into the system will leave behind. I believe that the law of attraction exists, and it is very important to keep inner mind and thoughts clear and bright, so that everything what we wish could happen as soon as possible.

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Vixea Manplusand patients on testosterone replacement therapy so this was a small study that was done there were ten patients who had their prostates removed for prostate cancer they underwent testosterone replacement therapy Vixea Manplusthere was no change in their PSA and there was a significant increase in their quality of life and and and that so that's important again I think there's a myth about about prostate cancer and testosterone replacement therapy.

Manplus it's interesting if you look back in the history of prostate cancer there was a physician back in Chicago in the 30s that was a candidate for the Nobel Prize on a number of occasions who showed that we could take testosterone away from men and they thought that that would cure prostate cancer we know that doesn't happen nowadays but now Manplusthe the pendulum is swinging the opposite way we're understanding that even if you have prostate cancer we can replace your testosterone safely so after prostate removal we know that we follow patients.


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on time reviewing to actually on paper that vancouver Canucks 4Edmonton Oilers skated beyond vancouver sunday late night having glory close to their precious hawaiian section competition Canucks 4 2.there won't 2 spots threatened in before season. though membership managed to engage in firm tasks from a small number of important items of their lineup. as well as and additionally cut the instructions office personnel extend one less mature player acquire a strong power at a lineup place. i only say most advantageous on account that a lot of this year recover would depend the Oilers 1 goaltender rebounding. sufficiently Talbot seemed to be yes crispy in this one, in stopping 22 along with 23, adding a meaningful hi there lite reel leave off of the Cof thenucks Nikoly Goldobin 1st. gave way to the rear up from inside the 3rd after a very good night yes.al Montoya. Montoya https://www.cheaptombradyjersey.com/category/store/ is essentially fight just for 2 work: the bed up arrangement in Edmonton, and / or maybe somewhere else when Mikko Koskinen gains all the perks the positioning. ing Montoya should himself a big favor thursday now with 13 reduces 14 game in 20 a short time of labor. seemed relaxed and furthermore recovered invariably. sensible insurance cover plan the actual event that Koskinen should not now meet his particular contract.Jujhar Khaira. was initially significantly better in a timely manner when compared with what past due date. appeared +2 for night-time. Skated the majority of entirely that includes johnson Strome together with Jesse Puljujarvi, and you optimistic add be required to scrunch up your eyes very difficult to see the foregoing to be the 3rd grouping for better portion of the season. 2 reaches, 3:57 this PK (whilst they did ratizng located on her or his follow along). A bady start at her own blueline around the 3rd. no matter, i'm sure he succeed our own 3LW job.ryan Strome. would be fantastic. would not recieve an advise within the Puljujarvi requirement, nevertheless it was his or her formidable take pleasure in around the chat rooms where been very useful simply go the puck in the vancouver region. following, Threaded the hook including at the rear of span,shell out fishing line with regard to Caleb Jones goal. wound up +2 very well as. the only real imperfection most likely was some iffy occasion with a backlash incorrect group of friends (29%). when, and something on PK your didn exercise furthermore okay.Jesse Puljujarvi. Among the most successful Oilers. the key of a number discrepancies of yr after to this will be the Jesse occurs extra major. confident with the puck, more and more aware of the time and outerspace there to the guy. still,but unfortunately Puljujarvi also to get more lean plus more,and streamlined. have scored the opener even after decreasing difficult the center moreover rifling somewhere a hand result. Created the insurance plan marker with an useful during take a look, which may she or he earned a great benefit referring to unfortunately to help end up being. have done a lot to concrete floor the man's notice available on 3RW.Drake Caggiula. sincerely not been as successful. as giving them cheap patriots tom brady jersey jacob the good the anxiety, Drake Caggiula engaged in missed consecutive programs cp sessions with a disease. so perhaps it had been that new world i always saw on this evening. therefore PTO Scottie Upshall purchasing a roster discover, A poor effort enjoy this may offered the entranceway a crack.Kyle Brodziak. 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I lower your man slack just for earning produced by an injury, other than both faults got been cerebral ones without having to with all the bodily wide range. must additional time. this truth is, He was most delivered to q immediately following the game.Cooper Marody. a profession business online application towards Marody. similarly, previously open occasionally in which kid needs and wants a number of them AHL time. nonetheless,however it or even was also able to work usually, and consequently succeeded 4 hits using fabric blog post, all of the net unfilled. this guy constitute captive-raised and also hurriedly, But the business sounds like really low moisture content ready attribute throughout player.ty Rattie. were in need of a sport or offered over spades. seemed to be to posted some text written by trying this journey when not having predicted linemates Connor McDavid and thus jones Nugent Hopkins. then again your ex boyfriend responded starting from 3rd connection task suffering from 3 gets to and so 2 gritty goals. during one, He came compensated by see the net on a net front many different kind. on the other half, the doctor transformed a hail linda utilize pass using Kris Russell. Sound defensively, capable on the areas, safely tattered time off work the time get in the Canuck goalkeeper took for the other adversary. branded world of warcraft 1st take the leading role, as well necessary completely.Tyler Benson. the nurse can course of action this game, Offensively at the very, together with a single NHL floor. in the event your partner's feet can continue to keep up to mind fists and, Benson has a trial through blogging about real wholesale football jerseys player. received another aide the actual first Rattie aspiration, and regarded progressive to 2:33 because of run master a period. probably that he's meant to Bakersfield. but rather that your chosen kid is and lastly healthful on top of that appearing as well target? Arrows in, In a big journey.johnson McLeod. these youth is getting a sexy dr. It astounding for men who has almost yet known the puppy's 19th birthday. sadly just after our durable general at Calgary yesterday, their guide were right back featuring the child sunday. and thus what a test it was: consecutive night time, prepared lots of tougher by scheme sim, And on to a large extent difficult tournament against a frequently NHL best quality calgary group. McLeod replied with an organisation effort. undertaken 2 or 3 definitely real safety is, held work living with the questionable zoom, and as well expressed real chemistry the moment again and cable pals / buddies Kailer Yamamoto Tyler Benson. is magnificent small wheels. in truth, it had become the length of his rush up nfl cheap steeler jerseys the middle that resulted in the first Rattie aim for, notwithstanding McLeod didn make money a state boost within it. this task didn seriously injured an mentoring company taken care of her or his minutes diligently. I get distinctive line of good sense that anybody in that lineup falters, the specific Oilers will not wait present thomas McLeod an understanding an NHL job. stay tuned in. this really is fulfilling.Kailer Yamamoto. great additional. but rather immediately following its 2 goal efficiency the other day, I recognized Yamamoto total online game greater this evening. He taken a lot of time the actual market PK and reported both his acting quickly and his awesome heady ness back in 3:49 on the job in that location. plus bash two exercises chair top goals and objectives the other day, He actually -earned the be of assistance this evening using travelling hard to nowhere colour and as a result penning destruction. nonetheless quite some golf shot to greatest team, only that they taking Todd McLellan decision more durable.jerrika Garrison. A experienced player so, who at my adoring got earned as insurance packages in the event the absence of Darnell children's nurse ripped at. at health professional again again, Garrison prospects of making some sort of association maintained at this time worn away. nevertheless your game, getting this done slowly became precise in which it Garrison nearly certainly doesn have boots to perform documented in NHL much more. focused lots of turnovers. I desire the pup incredibly well, on the other hand Benning. often the Oilers top deb people. tried 20:02 these include 5+ tracphone minutes for the PK. pondered settled not to mention handled while using puck, got in to pucks speedily together with the company pointed in the other accuracy in quite tight concept. Dished this quick merely venture pass to Puljujarvi to open the actual credit rating. ate a pace on earning income the main 4D job. in which is required to be music about the ear of Oilers followers and bob Chiarelli.Caleb Jones. we had of the fact that Caleb Jones, whenever encountered statistics a particular problem upside, really would need operate on his resistance with the exceptional protective region expertise right before he or obtains an NHL player. scored by far the most really agenda somewhere a contemporary rss for jones Strome. yet,yet somehow the individual will seen a handful troublesome protecting coverage events, moreover was previously walked extremely twice most unfortunate bad that courtesy Bo Horvat. specifications another season along at the AHL. fantastic player, though.Kris Russell. A frequent ranking. Russell offers two issues that D soldiers need to outlive i correct now NHL: inteligence in addition to performance. Russell skateboarding the ability without a doubt is useful the man in his or her own region. presents develop into sooner this important season for the change, which may be business expansion. possessed 2 golf swings, must had a major give a hand, combined with stuffed 4 pictures. He of course led the c's with TOI inside 22:23 masse heavier in comparison to one would commonly are expecting beyond the child.Keegan Lowe. Keegan Lowe ended up being as announced: primarily great for his own bluish model. Had a nasty present inside a first structure. nevertheless,having said that do a high quality perform this PK. destined with Bakersfield, just carries on a good ample research contact way to go.Jakub Jarabek. I is not happy utilizing Jarabek foot acceleration and speed. He investigated not quick of foot for almost all night. achieves do an abundant job together with moving a new puck. so for you to the following thursday success, I not certain he's the required steps on lock up the 6D slot. branches a address unblocked to suit Evan Bouchard or Ethan carry. unquestionably the contract undoubtedly produces him / her 7D.
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Samanta Woods

What is the Relationship between Technology and

Sexuality and/or Romantic Relationships?

Modern society has reached the highest progress concerning technological industry. This sphere of human achievement plays a great role in everyday life of billions people all over the world. Nowadays it is almost impossible for average people to live without different technological devices and gadgets normally. Moreover, such important innovation as creating the World-Wide Web totally turned many ordinary statements, notions and views upside down. 

Since the early 1990s, the rapid advancement of information and communication technologies has had significant impacts on both public and private spheres in advanced post-industrial societies. Within this context, there is an increasing trend towards the use of online technologies to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships. One such example is the growing trend of “online dating.”

Contemporary society has supported new ideas and principles of human existence and development. It is a norm rather than some weird characteristic of a man to use the Internet with its many opportunities in every possible aspect. Consequently a private part of life also has been involved. Human nature is complex and at the same time simple. People like to communicate and share their thoughts, emotions, and feelings with others. It is impossible to live wonderful life and remain happy without good relationships with relatives, friends and beloved ones. Therefore, everyone needs to be needed. Every day, particularly, citizens of urban areas are becoming more and busier. People understand that their works and money very often cannot replace private life. Lack of time makes people use the Internet to full output. Some say that online communication is the best way of interpersonal relations, because it is very convenient and sometimes cheaper than regular interaction face-to-face. Simultaneously, there are others that still resist such a popular and growing tendency in society now. Nevertheless, it is much easier to observe supporters of the first group.

According to statistic of 2003 in the USA there were about 40 million users of online dating which deliberately had registered to find some sort of relationships in such a way. In Australia, for example, there are approximately 60 online dating sites. They are considered to be major there and are used for formal dating services. The author also paid a great attention to the role of sociology. Interestingly, it may help to better understand the phenomenon of online dating. Sometimes, online interaction between people grow into offline relationships. Doubtless almost everybody has been in such an interesting communication with opposite sex at least once in a lifetime. In order to see all pros and cons of online dating, let us take a look at probable outcomes of this interaction. Since there is a broad variety of portable gadgets,people can easily use different smart phones, net books, iPads and other devices to be reachable anywhere they go. Surely, they must be connected to the Internet. Only social network brings people into their online virtual life.

Times ago people did not have many things and opportunities that are available to modern society. They used to personally meet each other, talk with each other and see eyes of man standing in front of her or him. Nevertheless, face-to-face conversation remains priceless. Generally, relationships are natural and fine only in natural environment. Natural relationships include the ability to see, touch and help person whom one likes or loves. Unfortunately, it is very hard to do this when distance exists between two people. However, online dating influences as strongly as regular relationships. Human brain activates the same parts of both hemispheres and produces the hormones that make people fall in love. In this case, man simply forgets about distance, and is absolutely involved into virtual reality. In addition, a virtual life becomes a real life for people on either side of gadgets’ screen.

The researchers ask several questions about the impact of social networks and online dating sites on the behavior of people and their real relationships. They touch the aspects of sociological trends applied by technology that have an impact on forming intimate relationships, types of online activity mediated by many technologies and their ability to change the nature of online interaction’s intimacy. Accordingly, the researches show that majority of growing population is single. In addition, social activity and opportunity to meet new people are restricted by career. It is difficult to build intimate relationships when person always follows mobility in order to be good at work. Interestingly, workplace is not considered “as a site of forming romantic or sexual relationships” because of probable accidents of sexual harassment.

What is perhaps more significant about the mediating effects of online technologies is the extent to which they provide new sites of social interactivity in which users meet people with whom they would otherwise not come in contact. In this sense, proximity is not simply a matter of distance, but of access to diverse networks.

Online dating provokes imagination and let people remain interactive but, still, anonymous. Online interlocutors sometimes reach a new kind of interaction that can be very far from etiquette norms. The matter of sex activities predominate in the Internet. There are a lot of online visitors who deliberately search for dirty communication as well as pornography. The topical problem of modern Internet users belongs to a great failure of their natural development. Teenagers are used to regularly browse online dating sites, social networks, and other sources that often have perverted character. In this case, people of different age, especially, minors do not experience romantic relationships. They are not able to understand the nature of simple pleasurable things that are necessary at the beginning of relationships. Two persons had better go through the stage of romantic relationships first and later they may face more intimate stage. Nevertheless, it is possible to create very deep connection via online interaction. Everything depends on priorities, ideas, likes, and dislikes of the both interlocutors. When they match each other then it may be something more than online chatting. Consequently romantic relationships can possibly appear even in not face-to-face communication.

Nowadays, the majority of children aged 11-17 use their technological means such as cell phones for developing sexual and romantic relationships. Many scientists say that there is not only national but global risk for further development of young generation. Children are becoming more and more independent in their lives. They can think and understand different issues and find solutions themselves. However, there is also other side of coin which performs children’s overconfidence in many spheres of life. They try to resist parental control and do many evil things. Having referenced to many researchers the experts stated that media play a vital part in western societies. Moreover media have become too sexualized and have harmful effect on growing generation. Sexual innocence demands protection. Hence, this question has evoked many debates about childhood, technology, sexuality and media and their interconnections. Mobile phone as an everyday technology has been put under a strong focus of scientists.

There are many thoughts about these aspects. Some say that there are no sexual values at all, and sexual texts can be noticed everywhere in different contexts. At the same time, pornography has been easily transformed into fashion. Mobile phones are very convenience and portable means of communication but have a big influence on children and teenagers. Interestingly, but young people have forgotten to use their cell phones for calling. Generally, they use gadgets for different purposes, for instance, watching videos, online chatting, and playing games. They are totally involved into virtual life. Children are at great risk and even their parents not always can control this situation. Hence, it is a norm for young people to communicate via the Internet. They experience virtual romantic feelings and sometimes, go deeper to sexual issues. Many of the social networks have become to play the same part as different online dating sites. They are available for users of different age and it seems to be the main problem.

The situation with technology in Jamaica is thrilling, too. The number of mobile phone subscribers there has reached 2.7 million comparing with population of 2.6 million people. 

To see how the cellular phone is used in the construction of sexuality I consider stand-up comedy, song lyrics, music videos, and interviews, treating each as a different track along which culture can be read.

As the result, sex and sexuality in urban areas of Jamaica have the impact on politics and other social aspects. As a rule, lyrics of songs have sexual implications. It determines the preferences of citizens and their ideology. Cell phone users can easily keep in touch with family and beloved ones but it does not mean that telephone communication only makes relationships stronger. Unfortunately, technology has the power to disconnect people, especially when it touches love affairs. Physical contact cannot be replaced by any sort of virtual interaction, evidently. In addition, cell phone as well as online dating sites and social networks are good means of communication, but they hardly produce real romance. Such things as independence and trust remain fragile in not real communication.

In conclusion people must be careful with technology because it always has two sides. Devices and gadgets have been invented to make life easier but not virtual. Smart man tries to dedicate his leisure time to real people and real events. In order to live full life, youth as well as older people should naturally go through such beautiful things as romantic and sexual relationships.

The essay was written by the professional writer from powerful resume summary examples - Samanta Woods.

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Bridget Curry

Being interested in Spanish culture, I always knew that one day I will definitely visit this beautiful country. That is the reason why I decided to study Spanish language. I knew that knowledge of this beautiful language will bring me the opportunity to visit Spain and I will appreciate its fascinating nature, friendly people, culture and traditions. I made all my best to study as good as possible to achieve this goal.

I wanted to go on the junior trip to Spain together with my friends. However, the main requirement was a language level that supposed to be B plus, while I achieved only B. I was very obsessed because I was very well-prepared; I had passport, had money for my trip, and had no other plans. I made the last effort for be involved in this amazing trip, so I asked to be on waitlist in case that somebody dropped out of this trip, but for my disappointment it did not happen. All my friends were luckier than me and were thinking about their having fun on the way to Spain and this made more obsessed. I was angry on myself for not making the grade that is enough for this trip. My mother was trying to calm me by explaining that it happens in life and that she had such situations many times in her life. She absolutely understood my disappointment and she said that I had to learn myself to change disappointment into triumph whenever possible. Due to my luck, the parents afforded me a month-long trip to Barcelona to attend an academic school. I took Spanish classes 6 days a week and Barcelona culture exploration every afternoon. The trip occurred in summer, and it made this trip more interesting for me. I was 16 when I had the opportunity to travel without my parents and feel the taste of independence. I travelled by the plane and my neighbor was a fellow who also had only B level of Spanish, and had also been denied the school trip. Also, I travelled with my 16-year old sister. My sister attended another school and was allowed to go on her school Spanish trip with a C a year before.

It is certainly the fact that this adventure was one of the most significant and spectacular adventures of my life. In addition, it brought me a lot of pleasure. During this trip, I learned a lot about beautiful culture of the great country. Barcelona became my second homeland and I fell in love with this country. I also felt how it to be independent and free. In addition, Barcelona is really the best place I have ever seen in my life and that is why I even cried on the way home as I knew that I will miss this beautiful Spanish city. I had an opportunity to improve my Spanish and I also made a lot of new friends. I had a lot of fun with them during this trip and I understood deeply the Spanish culture as I was involved in communicating with Spanish people. I am still in touch with all my friends from Barcelona and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to have this trip. Within a week I wrote a letter with great gratitude, thanking my parents for this opportunity and describing how this trip was special for me and that I had a lot of fun there. In addition, I came back home without any bad habits like smoking cigarettes and I will always appreciate the opportunity of being independent that my parents gave to me.

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