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The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) hosted a Rocket League tournament in Congress and played against opponents by 50 % games.

ESA works together the core list of the Congressional Future Forum to instruct members about e-sports and gaming communities. A bunch of members acquired the game and met one on one, working together with the staff, and also the two-hour set is on Twitch.

Activities range from professional reviews to post-match interviews and chat trolls, calling on legislators to learn how to use their promotion. "Someone told them the key to improvement," one person in the chat wrote. At the same time, some new plans and standards will use for the use of Rocket League Items. Players can go to the official website to find out when they are released.

The only thing they missed was the winner ceremony. It is not clear who won, but no one seems to care. The legislators are not professional players in the Rocket League. ESA representatives said on the track that they hope to find a game that is easy to use and complete, so they don't spend too much time mastering.

The European Space Agency lobbied on behalf of the gaming industry. Generally speaking, this event is to establish friendly relations with Congress. While there are no pressing threats to powering e-sports in Congress, the goal of the legislation is to sell Rocket League Crates to minors and other Internet regulations that may affect game companies. Events like this, including alcohol and food, enable lobbyists and members to talk face-to-face.

In post-game interviews, members expressed support and interest in the gaming community, although some people misplaced the place. "We have GameStops throughout the region," Veasey said. "I would say that GameStop is very popular in the neighborhoods represented in my area, and the game is a huge deal."

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