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Ok, so when you wish to cheap wow classic gold play be sure that you simulate the queue and wait for an hour before logging in. Anytime you disconnect. You've lost your mind if you think actually hundreds of people clogging everything standing on vendors camping all the quest mobs and lagging everything(actual pleasure! masterfully crafted!) . 

There is nothing"subtle" about some of that. You are essentially asking them to cripple gameplay since you don't care, or maybe you're lonely. People today want to play with what little time they have, and advancement. Most of us you see will stop in a month anyways.

I was hoping to hear your view on the itemization issue that was progressive. You mentioned the things which were added later into wow private server gold Vanilla however what about things that existed at start which were changed? I am in the camp that believes having the 1.12 versions of some of these pieces of equipment available for MC will be marginally broken and surely inauthentic. It's just odd to me that they'd go through the trouble to emulate a quirk like charm batching and not tackle items which were buffed during the course of Vanilla.

I'll be very pleased if classic WoW Classic takes off, particularly as it may mean official BC and wratch servers, which I'd personally prefer, but I honestly believe this will operate, the folks already playing with the personal servers will likely prefer to stay on their servers, just coming to classic with drive basically, and the rest of folks I dont honestly think will perform for any period of time, WoW Classic did shift, yes, but do you know what changed allot over WoW Classic? 

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