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The municipality, according to a detailed plan, seizes the land for street sweeping and executes the plan. It does not make any agreement or statement to the owner. Years later the heirs of the owner go to the municipality. The municipality sets up a peace agreement with them stating, "After the approval of the city council, 1 million tomans will be paid to the owner in the coming years," but now they have not paid the money yet. .

How to buy and own land for public and development projects

Should I file a petition for a peace settlement? Or is it basically invalid because the deadline for non-payment or non-payment is within the deadlines of the bill and should be dismissed? Or should we delay compensation? Does the proverb also apply to the years before the peace treaty?


According to Note 2, Article 5 of the Law on Purchase and Acquisition of Land in Public and Development Plans, the validity of the Agreement is three months. Therefore, after the expiry of the term, the said agreement is legally presumed to have been settled by agreement. Therefore the title of the correct claim is: "Declaration of invalidity and cancellation of the agreement - Claim for damages at the price of the present day - Proverbs of the seizure"


Of course, with respect to the said agreement, it may be argued that Note 2, Article 2 of the Purchase Law is a supplementary rule, and that the parties may agree more on the term of payment, on which the reasoning can be substantiated, and on the basis of that memorandum. Despite the non-registration being legally valid and also required by the statute of limitations, the prerogative of the tenure is also dismissed in this view, even if the termination of the contract does not qualify according to the view of the proprietor in particular in this case. The issue of usurpation or what is usurping rule is excluded.

In the event of a contract and agreement being reached, the owner will not be entitled to any delay in payment without claiming the aforementioned amount, particularly where the municipality has been required to pay for the funds.


How to buy and own land for public and development projects


However, regardless of legal disputes and litigation, litigation is advisable. Another recommendation is to set up conciliation agreements and consult precisely beforehand, as is the recommendation of the Holy Qur'an in verse 2 of Sura Baqarah.

Author: Omid Mohammadi

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Family legal adviceThe steps and how to execute the dowry through registration
    In the light of the new law and the necessity of filing a dowry, the following is a brief explanation of how to claim it.
- Where to apply for dowry through registration first?C) In order to claim the dowry through the registration process, you must first go to the marriage office listed in the marriage contract, which is the home of the married couple.
- What documents are required to claim the dowry? 
C) You must have a marriage card, birth certificate and national ID card, and preferably a copy of the national ID card and couple's birth certificate. If you do not have a contract, request a copy from the home office.
- How to apply for execution?(C) The spouse, after visiting the Marriage Office together with the document requesting enforcement, issues the required amount of dowry at the office of the Executing Spouse and sends it to the couple's address by post - (First Notice)
- How many coins can be claimed in the registration process?C) In executing the registration of the wife, she can claim up to six coins to the whole of the dowry contained in the marriage contract, and this depends on the wife's view that the number of coins is not related to the execution of the registration.
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What are the benefits of filing a dowry?(C) 2 - lower costs than court claims2. Its duration is shorter through the court2 - Possibility to ban even outgoing couplesSeizure of the couple's property- Where should I go after notifying my home office?C) After notification of the spouse's office, together with the documents, he or she returns to the Registrar's Office after filing and filing a reminder to the second (2) couple that after the filing of the petition, the spouse has applied for registration and proceeds to file a claim. And prohibits it, as well as prohibiting the couple from leaving (it should be explained that the property presented should not be exempt from religion)
- What can she do if she is forbidden to leave?(C) The couple may pay the claimed dues, or if they are unable to pay, they may file a dues petition with the court seeking payment of the dues. Upon issuance of a definitive decree, the couple's dowry can be banned from the Enforcement Authority.
Those who qualify for or receive a deceased person's pension The permanent insured spouse of the deceased
1 - Husband = provided he / she is - under the care of the wife - over 6 years of age - disabled (according to the Medical Commission) - not receiving any pension from the organization.
1 - Deceased son = if he / she is less than 5 years old; - Due to illness or defect, according to the forensic medicine certificate, unable to work; - After the age of twenty, provided that he / she works at university level. Be educated.
2. Daughters of the daughter if they are single and without a job.
Adoption: The adopted child is also a natural child and enjoys all legal rights.
1 - Parents of the deceased = if they are entitled to a pension; - Dependent on him; - Age of the father exceeding 6 years and of the mother exceeding 6 years; - Or disabled and receiving pension.
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