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How to use Norton Clean Sweep to its fullest?

Smart computing can only be achieved if you regularly keep a check on your computing device and try every possible thing to maintain it properly. In case you fail to do so, it may result in cluttered folders, scattered and lost files, and the registry of your system also gets filled with unnecessary data. Without proper maintenance, you might end up reducing its performance level.  

norton.com/setupClean Sweep is a set of tools developed by Symantec so that you can regularly maintain your computing device easily and quickly. It helps you reclaim your storage space by sweeping junk, removing residue files, as well as optimizing memory. It has a simple control panel which does all the cleaning work efficiently and gives you control over what gets cleaned from your device and when.

What is Microsoft Office 365 Suite?

The Microsoft Office 365 suite is a facilitated, online form of the conventional introduced rendition of Microsoft Office programming. This online help is membership based and incorporates Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Microsoft Office Web Apps.


Yehana Mccoy

Follow the steps if you want to download Norton Utilities 16 and follow the same process. Before you begin the installation process, you must evaluate whether Norton Utilities 16 is supported by your computer.

• First, visit www.norton.com/nu16.

• Then log in to your Norton registered accounts.

• Press the login button on the Norton main page.

• Then open the background purchase alternative.

• The monitor now has a menu list of all registered users.

• Find an alternative to Norton Utilities 16.

• Press on the purchase details.

• Then start copying the NU16 activation code provided in the sequence details menu.

• Press the download option button.

• The Download Manager page is currently available on screen.

• Press about URL to start the process of downloading Norton Utilities 16 installation.

• Wait for the download process to finish in the gadget.

How to installing Norton NU16 Installer

If you do not know how to install Norton Utilities 16 after installation, follow the steps listed in the section:

• First, open the folder where you downloaded the NU16 installation.

• Or visit norton.com/setup.

• Select the installation of Norton Utilities 16 by pressing it.

• Press the button with the following selection.

• Follow the instructions to start the Norton Utilities 16 installation procedure.

• It will take a few minutes to complete the configuration process.

• Let Norton Utilities 16 finish the setup procedure.

• Finally, press Finish.

How to activate Norton Utilities 16 using activation code

The Norton Utilities 16 activation code is required to run the Norton Utilities 16 installation. It is also called the necessary Norton Utilities 16 product.

How to Buy Norton Utilities 16 Product Key?

Look for the Norton Utilities 16 product key on the back of the retail card. Check the email address that is the registered identifier using Norton Utilities 16.

Notes: Make sure the Norton Utilities 16 product key is with you when you start it.

• First, run the installed installation of Norton Utilities 16 by going to the download folder.

• Or see www.norton.com/nu16.

• you must press the "Activate now" option on the Norton main page.

• Then the activation wizard will appear on the screen.

• the display has a form that contains all the mandatory details of their registered users.

• Enter the correct information and go through the next step.

• Then press Activate now.

• Follow the instructions on the monitor.

I hope now you can Install Norton Utilities 16 on your PC. You can repeat this blog until you understand the process. After the installation of utility set up in your pc, restart your PC. Now you can use the features of Norton Utilities 16. If your Norton Utility setup not activated yet look for the key that you buy. For norton product key activation you can visit us or call us. Our Antivirus support team always ready to help customers. We are 24*7 available to take your call.