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zhang Jul 11

Making a house look small of large totally depends on the way you decorate it. You need to understand the colors [url=http://www.cheapeaglesjerseysshop.com/...ga-whiteside-jersey/]JJ Arcega-Whiteside Jersey[/url] , the lighting, and the furniture placement in order to give your house an open feel. However, if the house is really small and there isn鈥檛 much you can do about it [url=http://www.cheapeaglesjerseysshop.com/miles-sanders-jersey/]Miles Sanders Jersey[/url] , there still is the option of renovating. You can always knock through a wall to create more space. Just by getting rid of a wall you can have three feet worth of space. Adding in an extra window will also brighten up things and also make the place look big.

Try to open up

Many rooms and houses look cramped because people block the view into the room. Hence you need to re-place the furniture such that it is away from walkways. This will give it an open feel. Also try not to add in too many tables; instead make the floor visible, this will also make the room look bigger.

Choosing the right color scheme

Make sure that the colors you choose belong to the same theme. Use same colors for the walls, fabrics [url=http://www.cheapeaglesjerseysshop.com/andre-dillard-jersey/]Andre Dillard Jersey[/url] , curtains, upholstery. Moreover, if the select the same theme for the entire flat or apartment that will look blended well together and will also give a feel of continuity. Warm light colors give the room an open look. Another important thing is to coordinate the furniture and wall colors. This will blend with the space instead of contracting colors which tend to break the space.

Lighting it right

This is very important and most people mess up in this regard. Lights have a very important effect. The perfect lighting can make a room look big and also help you to relax and unwind. Adding in lamps and wall lights will make the room look sophisticated and larger in size. Instead of using curtains use blinds which take up much less space.

Adding mirrors

Adding in mirrors on the walls will give a larger room effect. You can always have a mirrored wall or a large framed mirror on the wall. The space and light will be reflected with style and also give a more open feeling. Mirrored furniture is also in these days and it gives the same effect.


These days there are so many options [url=http://www.cheapeaglesjerseysshop.com/]Custom Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys[/url] , like folded chairs and tables. You can always use them when needed. Some of these fit inside the construct of the table so you won鈥檛 need extra space to keep these. You can also use small size beds, sofa beds in small rooms. These days there are so many options in the market, like multi functional furniture. You can always make use of this for small rooms.

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For years, the postcards have become one of the trusted marketing tools of businesses. But with the introduction of social media [url=http://www.cheapeaglesjerseysshop.com/]Authentic Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys[/url] , email marketing, and online ads, it seems that these humble cards have somehow lost their appeal. A lot of businesses these days prefer to send electronic mail when communicating with their clients and customers. However [url=http://www.cheapeaglesjerseysshop.com/]Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys For Sale[/url] , it is important to note that there are customers and instances when a printed material is most appropriate to use. There are still people who prefer to receive printed ads so they will do everything to resist online ads. This is why it is still important to include the marketing postcards in your marketing mix.

If designed and printed effectively, postcards can be a great way to deliver your message across without spending big bucks. They will save you a lot of time and money especially when keeping in touch with customers. Because they are also handy, they can be easily carried around and shown to other people. To make sure your postcards are impressive and compelling [url=http://www.cheapeaglesjerseysshop.com/]Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys[/url] , here’s what you need to do:

- Make sure your message is brief and clear. Your recipients should easily understand your message and what you want them to do before they decide to throw away your card. A short and direct copy will mean the difference between a card that will be read and one that will be thrown away without being read.

- Give only a teaser of your message. Remember that your cards don’t have a lot of room to   details nor is it designed to close a sale. It is best if you give only the overview and encourage your readers to contact you in order to know more.

- Include visually appealing images. One great image on your custom postcards will help a lot in making your cards attractive. Make sure though not to crowd your design with too many images otherwise your message will look confusing. Opt for just one big image rather than putting several small images.