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alisaprincy Sep 11 '19

Eating a diet high in living foods  Derma Correct Review replenishes the nutrients lost through cooking food. These foods have digestive enzymes that are necessary for your body to flush itself of poisons and toxins. These enzymes break up the food you eat and help the body absorb nutrients. If you do not have these enzymes your body will collect food in fat and cells. This will then turn into the toxins that cause illness and disease.

Motivation Plus! There are many motivators with this diet. The first of the numerous benefits of this diet is better health. For example, obesity is currently one of the worlds uppermost health concerns. A raw food diet is a natural cure for obesity. Once you begin a diet high in uncooked fruits and vegetables you will see the pounds fly away and your body get fit. Living foods are naturally low in sodium and high in magnesium and potassium. This also aids in the fight against obesity.

Diabetes is also a benefactor of the raw food diet. Type 2 diabetes has been on the rise and is now at unheard of rates in western nations, mainly due to lifestyle choices. Almost 40 percent of the population in America is a victim of this horrible disease. Living foods stabilize sugar levels and even allow some diabetics to go off their medications with a strict diet and plenty of exercise.