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JeromePrincy Nov 17

Unfortunately, as we continue to sporadically return to these methods time and time again, we notice that it is taking much more work to get the results as our years increase. We know that our bodies need the right foods, vitamins, minerals, and exercise to remain healthy and fit. But have we really educated ourselves to answer the questions of "What are the right foods?", "How do we get the vitamins and minerals our bodies need?", and "What are the most beneficial forms of exercise that we can use for our busy lives?". 

The answers to these questions are many in the advertising, medical, and fitness worlds and the media is all around us on TV, in newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet. Many of these "Fitness Guru's" offer miracle methods and products supposedly designed to turn us into fashion models and genetically perfect examples of a human being. But, try as we may, we fail to successfully turn the hands of time back to our youthful figures.

Embedded in all diet and exercise programs are glimmers of truth and many people get results from "Fad diets" and strange or elaborate exercise routines. But I believe the main benefit of these programs are that they convince us that we can be fit and slim, with the bodies that we dream of, and this mindset helps us to continue. However, attaining a lifestyle that sustains our bodies in the shape that we want is a balance between our busy schedules, finances, and the diet and exercise program we are following.