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reginafancy Dec 15 '19

 One of the first obvious signs of  Bp Zone Review high blood pressure are strokes and heart attacks. A person who has hypertension can have a fatal stroke or heart attack because of the enormous pressure that is being put on the blood vessels and arteries to keep blood circulation going. It is extremely dangerous to allow this condition to go uncontrolled. Strokes, heart attack, congestive heart failure and kidney failure are just a few of the consequences that can happen because of untreated and undiagnosed hypertension.

To reduce your risk for developing hypertension make sure you get plenty of daily exercise. Aerobic exercise can help keep blood vessels healthy and pliable. Taking a daily supplement of vitamin C is also beneficial. One major cause for high blood pressure is hardening of the arteries so you will want to get a nutritional diet plan going that will help prevent hardening of the arteries. Cut out smoking and alcohol consumption, which can lead to developing this condition. You should also lower your salt and sodium intake as this can be a factor in developing hypertension.

 Women who take birth control pills should have their BP monitored since birth control pills and other hormone therapies can be a cause for high blood pressure. If you are overweight and have HBP you can almost always lower it by losing weight. Obesity can be a cause for HBP. With lifestyle changes, increased exercise and an improved diet your chances of developing hypertension can be lowered dramatically.