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lily Jan 14
Tiger cannon boxing, although the power is the biggest, can have an advantage to also have weakness.
  Weakness be after sending out this strongest one punch, can not convert a recruit type in time, once killing a deathless enemy, enemy can easily opportunity to hold tight, kill him!
  Originally, be with tiger cannon boxing of severe, also wasn't likely to kill strong such as monster of'many Er Ges especially Luo's man'.Who think, in the life and death front line, the Teng green mountain unexpectedly touched a form idea a boxing'respected master state'of threshold.
  Form idea form idea, resemble the shape but heavy idea, the form weighs for time, meaning.
  The symbol that attains respected master state BE, the strength of the muscle can be perfect to use each cake of, each strength of section bone, the bone strength makes use of extreme limit, tremor, ability the roaring cry of the unimaginable creation animal.Such as beat a tiger cannon boxing just, unexpectedly have'the tiger roar'the voice ring out.
  "Just that is ……"
  Teng green mountain eyes Be bright to get up, have the surprise of difficult Yan on the face, after wife departed from this life, he never and so the concussion lead.
  Inside strong in the house, the target for pursuing is respected master state!
  Ability perfect control body each muscle, physique strength, inside strength pierce through whole body blood vessels, one punch one feet even in creation Long Yin Hu's roar of voice.However the Teng green mountain is to use the strongest one punch-tiger cannon boxing and just unwillingly send out that silk voice.Not and truely step into the door of respected master.
  It is clear to remember the artistic conception that tee off that one punch in"that felling ……" Teng green mountain brain.
  Remember that artistic conception, the Teng green mountain cannot help but showing a smiling face, breathing a disorderly, immediately feel a chest a painful, not from cough 1.
  Look in the eyes a sweep surroundings:"I now severely wounded, this place not ability again foolish."A wily rabbit has three burrows, the Teng green mountain early has already prepared to cope with an enemy, the nature rented in this Yang state city quite a few place.He doesn't get into a house as well and press chest all alone and directly rush at the flank hospital wall, list once the hand support, whole individual a jump and then leave.
  The one that leaves inside this courtyard is in total disorder, but two greatest s class cutthroat'dead shot'Sun Ze and'ground body machine'many Er Ges especially Luo's men all lie on the ground, again have no the slightest organic.
On the superhighway, Best Hunting Knife a black Audi A6 is all the way speeding to the north.
  Inside the car totally two people, one is a driver, another person sits on the rear row, the body form is high big, look like year about 30, the noodles permits to pour is have several cents to resemble with Teng green mountain.
  "Weng, Weng~~" cellular phone earthquake moves.
  This high big man takes out a cellular phone:"Feeding is Yang Ge, what matter?"
  Close behind Gao big fellow sub- facial expression a change:"What do you say?"
  "How may?"The high big man dares not believes.
  "Like, I am understand!"The high big man connects to nod, " I already again return to the road of Yang state city up, know, understand!"
  "Stop worrying, Yang Ge, my Qin Hong what personality don't you know?Though you have peace of mind, I know my own weight, can't go overboard of, I again brave, don't dare as well the life of taking the brotherses play trick, H'm, understand!"High big man'Qin Hong'after hanging a cellular phone, facial expression not from dip down.
  "Qin Ge took place what affair?"The driver that before drives says.
  "The circumstance is far from good, we small Yang state city, but an important event that lets dark world in the whole world focus attention happen."Qin Hong deep and low way.
  "What matter?"That driver cross-examines a way.
  Qin Hong says in detail:" Fore two day, dark two greatest s class cutthroats in the world, 'dead shot'Sun Ze and'ground body machine'many Er Ges especially Luo's man, make track for to kill moreover a s class cutthroat'fly knife'Gu wolf, these are three super strong a war, result but make people dumbstruck, this'fly knife'Gu wolf, a person killed another 2 people."
  "What!"That driver is surprised to shout, " this flies knife Gu wolf, how probably so severe?"
  "Dark world, already'fly knife'Gu wolf, Best Hunting Knife settle to 50 s class cutthroats in one person, declare quasi- ss class cutthroat!Perhaps, he had ss class cutthroat real strenght!"Qin Hong deep and low way.