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reginafancy Feb 14

Recording of blood sugar levels  StrictionBP Review can be done in a log book where blood sugar levels are recorded along with time of day and the kind and amount of insulin administered. These same records need to be kept if one is on an oral medication rather than insulin.

In order to obtain blood sugar levels a glucometer is needed. A glucometer is sometimes called a blood glucose monitor. They are used to obtain blood glucose levels via a finger tip sample. Glucometers require supplies for use that are specific to the brand of glucometer being used. Needed are a finger stick device with additional finger stick needles, test strips that are used to transfer glucose results from the blood sample into the glucometer for reading, and, depending upon the brand of the glucometer, a control solution which is used to test new containers of test strips that have a different code.

Diabetic testing supplies needed may different depending upon the age of the diabetic and the situation. Recommendations for a woman with diabetes trying to become pregnant will differ from that of a male of similar age. As target blood sugar level ranges vary, recommended diabetic testing supplies may differ.